November 24, 2007

Remembrance Photography

Can there be anything sadder than parents who have anticipated heir baby's birth for months, to have the baby born so sick that it soon dies? When such sorrow replaces joy, who knows what it takes to heal?  Yes, parents have to go on, but they also have to remember.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is a foundation and a network of professional photographers who will come to a hospital or hospice and take professional portraits of the tiny baby so their parents and family will remember them.  Once the baby dies and is unhooked from tubes and machines, it may be the first and only time the parents have to hold the little one that they loved so much.

               Remembrance Photography

Thanks so much to Hootsbuddy who alerted me of this site and wrote a wonderful post, Remarkable Photo Ministry.
That's just what these photographers do, minister like angels, at the saddest times parents can experience.

Remembrance photography began in the Victorian era when a photo of a deceased loved one was treasured, especially if no other photographs existed.  Said one woman,"What a comfort it is to possess the image of those who are removed from our sight. We may raise an image of them in our minds but that has not the tangibility of one we can see with our bodily eyes.”

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