November 29, 2007

Bound in the priest's own skin

Father Henry Garnet heard the confessions of the Catholic plotters determined to kill King James I and to blow up the Houses of Parliament in the infamous Gunpowder plot of 1605. He admonished them to give up their plot.

Guy Fawkes was discovered in the basement of the Parliament buildings holding a lit torch, guarding a bunch of faggots( which was what small sticks or branches bound together for firewood were called) several feet away from tons of dynamite.

Each year on November 5, bonfires are still lit in England.

Remember, remember the fifth of November,
The gunpowder, treason and plot,
I know of no reason
Why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.”

Because Father Garnet did not break the seal of the confessional to alert anyone to the plot and despite his lack of active involvement, he was found guilty of treason and executed in 1606.

Four hundred years later, a book, bound in the priest's own skin, will go up for sale at an English auction. Entitled "A True and Perfect Relation of the Whole Proceedings against the Late Most Barbarous Traitors, Garnet a Jesuit and his Confederats', some see an image of the priest's tortured face peering out from the binding.

'Facebook' bound in priest's skin for sale


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