January 20, 2009

DNA can reveal lies and secrets

There are now some three dozen copies that offer DNA testing, but as customers are finding out

DNA can reveal ancestors' lies and secrets

In a search for their ancestors, more than 140 people with variations of the last name Kincaid have taken DNA tests and shared their results on the Internet.

They have found war heroes, sailors and survivors of the Irish potato famine.

They have also stumbled upon bastards, liars and two-timers.

In one case, two brothers were surprised to discover they had different fathers. They confronted their elderly mother, who denied the most obvious possibilities -- that she had been unfaithful to her husband, the man they had always known as Dad, or that one son was adopted.

"It has been traumatic for some to discover their true lineage through the DNA tests," said Don Kincaid, a 76-year-old Texan who oversees the Kincaid surname project and witnessed the brothers' ordeal.

One company warns on its consent form that genetic testing could reveal that "your father is not genetically your father."

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