March 16, 2009

Michael Jackson to be 'plastinized'

Michael Jackson plans to have his body 'plastinized' by Dr. Death

MICHAEL Jackson will achieve his dream of immortality by being stuffed with plastic by Dr Death.

The King Of Pop, who calls himself Peter Pan, has had a string of cosmetic surgery ops to try to defy the ageing process.

But he is now preparing to strike the ultimate blow against death and decay by having his whole body “plastinated” by controversial doctor Gunther von Hagens.

Jacko, who is a fan of the German anatomist, was said to be thrilled his Body Worlds exhibition would be on at the O2 Arena during his This Is It concerts, which start in July.

The exhibition showcases Von Hagens’ groundbreaking corpse preservation technique which earned him the nickname Dr Death.

Creepy as this is at least Jackson is giving his consent unlike the Chinese prisoners who were used for the first  Body Worlds exhibition

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