May 2, 2009

Goodbye Mother Pie

Sadly, MotherPie, one of my favorites,  is winding down her blog.  With all best wishes in her new transition which may have something to do with 12 Mighty Orphans.

You can see why I will miss her with these excerpts from two of her last posts. 

Life, Time and Significance

Sometimes it takes literally years and years and years to understand or even know what has been significant.  Time must pass to understand the larger meaning of a thing, to put perspective on life, to see how beginnings actually end.

That has certainly been the case with the inspiring and true story of
12 Mighty Orphans.

Martin Luther King's briefcase shows us the totemic significance of what was carried on anyone's last day before sudden death.

 Mlk's Briefcase

Strength to Love.  That is the book he authored (a collection of his sermons) that was in Martin Luther King's briefcase, right, open as he packed it, in his hotel the day he was shot.  These never before released photos from the day he died by Henry Groskinsky for Life magazine.

"Strength to Love" (Martin Luther, Jr. King)

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