December 7, 2011

Death on wheels

Are you lonely? Did your GP refuse to give you drugs to end your life?

Death on wheels: Dutch to send mobile clinics to euthanise people in their own homes

The mobile units are being aggressively promoted by Dutch euthanasia campaign groups who want to expand the eligibility criteria for euthanasia and also to open facilities specifically for euthanasia along the pattern of the Dignitas centre in Switzerland.

They claim that 80 per cent of people with dementia or mental illnesses were being 'missed' by the country’s euthanasia laws.

They are supported by the Dutch Medical Association which this summer issued guidance effectively saying even people who complained of being lonely could qualify for euthanasia if it constitutes 'unbearable and lasting suffering'.

Pro-life campaigners in Britain, however, were appalled. Phyllis Bowman of Right to Life said the incremental liberalisation of Dutch euthanasia practice sent a 'terrifying warning' to the British people.

She said she found the proposals to set up mobile death squads 'too dreadful for words'.

'Not even the Nazis thought of that one,' she said.
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