October 10, 2012

Converting a camper van into hearse, Mick said "it would be the death of me" and it was

It's what he would have wanted: Mechanic who joked that converting camper van into a hearse 'would be the death of me' - is its first customer after suffering heart attack

A mechanic appears to have predicted the circumstances surrounding his own death when he died from a heart attack after completing work on converting a VW camper van into a hearse.    Mick McDonald, 50, had joked that the job would 'be the death of him' but then he became the first person to use it.

Mr McDonald had carried out the work for his friend Carl Bell's business, Retro Farewell.  After the fatal cardiac arrest he was driven for his own funeral from John Meynell parlor in Darlington to Acklam crematorium in Middlesbrough.

 Rip Mick
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