October 18, 2012

These people shouldn't have died

Father and son, 2, die after toddler fell into the pool and dad who couldn't swim tried to save him

Brian Tha Saechao, 30, was caring for his two-year-old son, Raphael, while his wife was running errands Friday afternoon when the boy somehow wandered outside and fell into the deep end of the backyard pool.  Saechao, who didn't know how to swim, apparently jumped into the water in a desperate attempt to save the toddler, according to his widow, Fam Chao.  Chao, who is eight months pregnant, returned home from a doctor's appointment at around 3pm to an eerily silent home.
When she went out into the backyard, she discovered both her husband and little Raphael dead in the pool. She recalled that her husband had sunk to the bottom, while the two-year-old was floating on top. The expectant mother jumped into the water, grabbed hold of her son's unresponsive body and screamed for a neighbor to call 911, but it was too late.
The family, who moved into the Pocket Area house only three weeks ago, were looking into installing a fence around the pool, but Chao said her husband was shopping around for a good deal.

Man, 22, dies in jail after suffering severe food allergy from OATMEAL

A 22-year-old man died from a severe allergic reaction to the milk in his oatmeal after spending one night in custody over a misdemeanor charge for marijuana use.  An autopsy report from the Snohomish County medical examiner revealed that Michael Saffioti died from bronchial asthma triggered by the consumption of dairy after spending a single night in the Snohomish County Jail in Washington State.

On July 2, Saffioti turned himself in to police, after his mother Rose Saffioti assured him it was the right thing to do, and that he would be out the next day.
Mrs Saffioti told The Herald newspaper of Everett that despite reassurances that the prison staff would take his medical needs into consideration, her son was scared.  ‘He said, “Mom, I have a bad feeling that they are not going to take me seriously.”’

The mother, from Mukiteo, Washington, said that her son brought along a bag of medications needed to control his allergies and asthma, and he had expected to be placed in the jail's medical unit.  Instead, he was placed in the general population.  Mrs Saffioti received a call the next morning to inform her that her son was dead.

Boy, 16, dies after being shot in the head with arrow by his best friend in 'fluke tragedy'

No alcohol or drugs were involved when one shot a tipless aluminum arrow that richoceted off the street and into the head of the other.

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