November 1, 2012

Take photos of your aging parents

How to shoot a photo of an aging parent to remember

 Woman Portrait-Wheelchair Steve Bedell portrait by Steve Bedell

Sometimes the realization comes almost too late — you sense that your parents or other loved ones may soon be gone, and it dawns on you that you don’t have any recent photos to remember them by.

1. Help your loved one get dressed for the occasion.
            Women, especially, may feel more relaxed in front of the camera if you’ve helped them apply some makeup or they have had their hair done (many nursing homes have salons).
2. Shoot in a cozy room, or at least in a comfortable position
3. Be sensitive to quirks and vulnerabilities
          If they have injuries or scars or IV tubes that make them self-conscious, reassure them that you’ll try to keep those things out of the photo.
4. Bring in friends or other family members to engage with the person.
          Never say “cheese!” Interacting with others will help animate their features and make them look — and feel — more cheerful and lively
8. Forget the flash.
9. Don’t take pictures of people eating.
15. Use these photo sessions as a chance to connect.

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