November 20, 2012

Groom dies at his wedding reception in freak accident

Brazilian groom dies at wedding reception after tripping onto a beer glass and bleeding to death 

A groom died hours after marrying his bride during the wedding reception after he tripped over and landed on a beer glass. Fabio Jefferson Maciel, 33, had wed fiancee Geise Guimaraes six hours before bleeding to death following the freak tragedy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Witnesses said Mr Maciel, a Brazilian navy sergeant, was fooling around with one of the young bridesmaids at 2am on Monday morning when he tripped and fell on his front. A beer glass which he had put in the left-side trouser pocket shattered and a piece severed his femoral vein - a major artery to the top of the leg - causing rapid blood loss.   
Friends said Mr Maciel had been planning the perfect wedding since the start of the year, when he had also started building a home for him and his wife-to-be to begin their married life. The house was finished just a week ago. 
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