November 27, 2012

Learning about your daughter's death on Facebook

Inexcusable behavior by the staff at Valdosta State University in Georgia.  Imagine learning about your daughter's death or murder on Facebook

Devastated parents found out about 17-year-old college student daughter’s murder on FaceBook

A mother and father from Lawrenceville, Georgia, were disgusted to first hear about the death of their 17-year-old daughter from a friend's post on Facebook.  Freshman nursing student Jasmine Benjamin was found dead in shared dorm student area on November 18.

But staff at Valdosta State University didn't notify the parents of her death. Furthermore, the girl's mother, Judith Jackson, and her stepfather, James Jackson, still haven't got many more answers about how Jasmine died.
The family was shocked further when police explained that someone had killed Jasmine.

'To find out it was a homicide and that somebody actually murdered our daughter changed everything,' Jackson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 'It was like hearing the news all over again.'

And what to make of the school staff at Manchester High School in Connecticut?

Student drowned at high school pool after he lay on bottom for 17 MINUTES while his classmates swam above

A student in Connecticut drowned at his high school's pool after he lay on the bottom for 17 minutes while his classmates splashed and swam above him.  Malvrick Donkor, 14, slipped below the water during a swimming class at Manchester High School on Wednesday. Surveillance video reportedly shows no splashing or struggling to swim.

He was only found after other students began to leave the pool after class ended and spotted him at the bottom of the deep end.
'There's no splashing, no flailing like you would typically think of,' a source who watched the CCTV tape told the Hartford Courant. 'He just slipped under water. Other kids were swimming over the top of him, not knowing he was down below.'

It is unknown how many adults were supervising the students and how the lifeguards never spotted Malvrick drowning.
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