January 9, 2013

Death by 'zorbing'

Death by 'zorbing': Horrific moment father-of-two is killed after giant inflatable ball sped out of control and plunged off a cliff

As he got into the giant ball, an unnamed friend - who filmed the horror - is heard saying: 'Denis, you'll be like Jackie Chan in the Armour of God movie!'
The friend filming the death ride plunge asks: 'What's going on there?'

The voice replies: 'Nothing.' But then calmly adds: 'A catastrophe.'  At this the footage stops.

At terrifying speed, the ball had plunged down Ganachhirskiy Gorge in the Dombai resort complex in Russia's North Caucasus mountain range.  Falling steeply and battered by rocks, it was pulled down relentlessly by gravity.

 Zorbing Death

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