January 9, 2013

Landslide under 'Dracula Church' in Whitby sends human bones raining down on town below

Famous 'Dracula Church' under threat from landslide which has destroyed graveyard and sent human bones raining down on to town below

A historic church and graveyard which features in Bram Stoker's Gothic novel Dracula is faced with a horror story of its own.
Human bones uncovered after a landslide last month have been washed down the cliff St Mary's Church stands on in Whitby after heavy rainfall.

The human remains are then being collected at the bottom of the cliff face and re-buried.
St Mary's Reverend Canon David Smith said: 'The cemetery has been a closed for more than a century so if any graves are exposed it's only bones.
Meanwhile residents and business owners are terrified the cliff will be hit with more rainfall.
The landslide has been blamed on a drainage pipe which broke when the cliff began to crumble. Heavy rainfall saturated the soil and lead to the mudslide.
The landslide comes after five houses in Aelfelda Terrace, Whitby, were demolished last month after flooding washed the steep bank beneath them away.

 Dracula Church

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