January 15, 2013

Haunting cries of teenage boys, "I don't want to die"

'I don't want to die': Haunting final cries into the darkness of teenage boys as they froze to death in icy lake as rescuers searched in vain

Two high school students desperately begged for help after their bicycles fell through a frozen-over New Jersey lake, with one screaming 'I don't want to die,' in his final moments.

Clyde Schimanski III, 15, and Nick Cianciotto, 14, have been pictured for the first time after they collapsed into the icy waters of Budd Lake on Monday night during a wintry bicycle ride.
According to witnesses, the boys' chilling screams brought help to the lake on Monday night, but rescuers couldn't find the pair in the darkness.

'Please help me!' one of the teens screamed. 'I don't want to die!'
Bartender Christine Stanat told the Hackettstown Patch that she heard one of them yelling, ‘Help, help, don’t let me die!’

William Hardy, 25, and his roommate also heard the screams. They had been smoking outside of their house, which is on the banks of the lake.  Hardy told the Star-Ledger that he called the police, grabbed a flashlight, and then ran out onto the ice to see how he could help. The New Jersey resident went around 700ft out onto the ice before he heard it began cracking beneath his weight. Hardy said he saw a blue light that could have come from a cell phone.

'It hurts my heart. Until they pull him out, I'll…hold tight. I want to know they find him.' Father Clyde Schimanski about missing son, Clyde III
He, too, heard the teenagers saying they don’t want to die. Assuring them that help was on the way, Hardy watched as the blue light vanished and the voices fell silent.

An official confirmed that the two were a great distance from shore. A later report from MyFoxNY said that one of the boys, Clyde, had ridden his bicycle out to rescue the first boy who fell in.
His father, Clyde Schimanski, Jr. told the station that his son saw another person fall through the ice into the water below and tried to rescue him.
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