March 8, 2013

The Undertaker on Trial for Murder of his Wife whose Body is Missing

Shades of Agatha Christie.  There's a fascinating murder trial underway in England.

Undertaker 'killed his wife while having affair with a widow he seduced with red roses after arranging her late husband's funeral'

An undertaker murdered his wife while enjoying an affair with a widow he seduced after arranging her late husband’s funeral, a court heard today.  John Taylor, 61, is accused of killing wife Alethea, six months in to the ‘intense’ affair with Alison Dearden, 53.

A court today heard he began bombarding the widow with text messages within weeks of Mr Dearden’s death. Taylor even left red roses on her doorstep, a jury heard, and dipped into the marital joint bank account to buy a ‘love nest’ he planned to share with his mistress.  Mrs Dearden told the court she began sleeping with Taylor in July 2011, eight months after liaising with the funeral director over her husband David’s funeral.

The Taylors had known Mrs Dearden, who lived in a nearby village, for 12 years, after first meeting at church, the jury were told. But following Mr Dearden’s death Taylor began confiding in her about his ‘unhappy’ marriage, she said.

Taylor is charged with his wife’s murder even though no trace of the former teacher has been found since she was last seen at their home in January last year.
The court heard Mrs Taylor, 63, had discovered the affair, and had written that her husband had become ‘besotted with a certain little widow’.

Taylor denied the affair when questioned by police on the night of his wife's disappearance. 

Taylor told neighbors his wife was suffering from a brain tumor who disappeared while in the grip of dementia.

The widow lover, Alison Deardon, testified that she thought his wife had left him because she found out about their relationship.
Week one roundup

Mrs Taylor's blood found on the couple's bedding and on the rear seats of her husband's car.  Defendant spotted vacuuming car trunk.  Wife had not abvisou signs of mental illness.

Accused was 'fed up' with wife and moaned she never cooked.

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