March 13, 2013

Death by Freon

What a sad and tragic death.

Parents' nightmare as girl, 12, dies in her family's bathroom after huffing freon from the air conditioner

A 12-year-old girl searching for a high has died after she collapsed in her grandmother's bathroom when she huffed freon from the air conditioner outside.

Kristal Salcido, a seventh grader in Victorville, California, was declared brain dead after the incident last week. Her family took her off life support four days later.

Kristal's horrifying death is a nightmare for her parents and a warning for families everywhere about the dangerous trend of teenagers tapping air conditioning units to inhale the freon gas.
Ron Postoian, who owns an air conditioning repair service in Victorville, said many - if not most - of his repair calls are to recharge the freon in air conditioners.

He believes that most of the time the lost freon is the result of young people huffing the gas.

Mr Postoian said the gas doesn't actually provide a high - it just deprives the brain of oxygen, which can have dangerous side effects.

He is encouraging parents to install safety locks on the air conditioners that prevent access to the freon gas.
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