May 10, 2013

No F-words on headstones

Late rapper's family denied headstone inscribed with song lyric because it included the F-word

Sonny ‘Uno’ Santiago, 23, was a rapper who died in a car crash in February. Commissioners at Pine Grove Cemetery in Lynn this week unanimously rejected his family's request to inscribe his gravestone with a song verse that included a profanity.

The panel became aware of the language when the company inscribing the 3-foot tall memorial submitted drawings to commissioners.

The inscription read: 'You gonna remember the damn name, I give a f*** if I die with no damn friends, I got my fam by my side and that’s until the end.’

Pine Grove Cemetery regulations posted online state that ‘the cemetery office must approve all inscription work on monuments.’

City officials contacted the family about the inscription and they agreed to have the gravestone inscribed with a different, profanity-free verse from a song Santiago wrote.

Good for them.  I hope all other cemeteries take not of the regulations they should impose on themselves.

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