July 5, 2013

Deaths over the Fourth

Death takes no holiday.

Tragedy as North Carolina judge dies in front of his wife and children trying to save drowning woman at beach

A North Carolina judge vacationing on the beach with his family died yesterday after he heroically leaped into the sea to save a woman experiencing difficulties.  Authorities said that 54-year-old Mitchell McLean perished trying to help a husband and wife struggling in the water.  The woman he was trying to save, 55-year-old Mary Ann Galway later died in hospital and her husband, Edward John Galway, 59 was treated before being released on Wednesday afternoon.

Boy Dies After Getting Run Over By A Float At 4th Of July Parade  A seven year old boy, riding on a float for a martial arts group that was filled with hay bales, fell off and the driver, unawares, drove over the child

After the boy fell off the float, his father and a nurse who was riding in a car behind the float rushed to his aid to perform CPR, CNN reports. The boy was pronounced dead at the hospital.

'Beloved' art counselor, 21, killed at summer camp by a falling tree

A 21-year-old summer camp art counselor was killed on Wednesday when a large oak tree fell on top of her while the children and other staff were eating breakfast near the campfire. The worker was identified as Annais Rittenberg by Camp Tawonga, a Jewish summer camp popular with families in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Four other adults were treated at hospitals after the tree fell, taking down power lines near the campfire area and dining hall. It did not damage any buildings.  No children were hurt at the incident near Yosemite National Park.

Family's heartbreak as female cyclist, 18, dies after she's hit by car on cross-country bike ride

Merritt Levitan, of Milton, Massachusetts, was one of six cyclists injured when they were struck by a car near McCroy, Arkansas.  She was riding from Charleston, South Carolina, to Santa Monica, as part of a six-week trip organized by summer camp company Overland.  She died of her injuries in hospital on Wednesday

Two year old boy dies after light planes collide in mid-air when pilots try to land at same time on remote airstrip

Police name three injured men, two from Oregan, one from Utah, after crash
Name of the two-year-old boy who was killed has not been released
Both planes were taking part in a flying event near Yellow Pine, Idaho
Collision happened as both airplanes approached a landing strip

Officials suspend search for missing jet skiers off Brooklyn

Neither missing jet skier has been identified except to say a male in his 40s and a female in her 20s.

‘Utter chaos’ as man crushed by antique firetruck at Independence Day parade

An antique firetruck crushed to death the rider of an antique John Deere tractor during the Fourth of July parade, police said.  Firetruck riders told police that a mechanical failure caused the truck to go out of control in front of a large crowd of parade-watchers and slam into the rear of the tractor as both turned onto a downhill stretch of Water Street.

“It rear-ended the tractor and the [tractor] driver was not expecting it,” Haskell added. “I saw the driver flying through the air. The tractor rolled onto him and [then] the truck” hit him….The anguished look on the face of the young blond-haired man who was driving the firetruck told Haskell that he knew he was going to hit the tractor — and was helpless to prevent it.

But one brave boy saved his father's life.

Boy, eight, escapes car that plunged into river, swims ashore and walks a MILE to call 911 and save his father

Car landed upside down in the middle of the Nashua  river.  Young Massachusetts boy is being hailed by local authorities as a hero

But child is in state custody pending an investigation into the crash.    Family members told CBS Boston that the father drinks massive amounts of energy drinks and doesn’t get much sleep between working a lot and being in the midst of a move.

‘He usually drinks a lot of Red Bull,’ said Rigoberto Guardado, whose daughter is married to Tito. ‘Sometimes he don’t even sleep.’
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