September 4, 2013

Death by Elephant

UCSD dean Thomas MCAfee  'trampled to death by an ELEPHANT on luxury African vacation' just three days before he was due to start his new job

An American doctor has died in terrifying circumstances while on a luxury safari in Africa after being trampled to death by a charging elephant on Saturday.

Sources with knowledge of the incident have confirmed to the MailOnline that Thomas McAfee, 58, a dean at University of California was in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania on vacation before starting a new position as chief executive of the Keck Medicine of USC Medical Foundation.   

McAfee's body is still in the east African nation and his family have been informed of the tragedy as they wait for a death certificate to be issued. There is no word yet on when his body will be flown back to the United States and details are scarce as to the exact circumstances surrounding his shocking death.

Elephants are known to make unprovoked attacks on people, but more often they react when they feel that their family is threatened or cornered.  As the world's largest land animal weighing up to 15,000 pounds, a charging elephant is a frightening and deadly force to be reckoned with.
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