November 26, 2013

Obituaries of note: Mavis Batey and Joy Johnson

Mavis Batey -Mavis Batey was Bletchley Park codebreaker whose Enigma breakthrough proved crucial to the success of D-Day

Mavis Batey, who has died aged 92, was one of the leading female codebreakers at Bletchley Park, cracking the Enigma ciphers that led to the Royal Navy’s victory at Matapan in 1941. She was the last of the great Bletchley “break-in” experts, those codebreakers who found their way into new codes and ciphers that had never been broken before.

 Mavis Batey In 1999  Mavis Batey in 1999.

Mavis Batey also played a leading role in the cracking of the extraordinarily complex German secret service, or Abwehr, Enigma. Without that break, the Double Cross deception plan which ensured the success of the D-Day landings could never have gone ahead.

Joy Johnson, oldest woman to run New York City Marathon, dies at 86
Johnson, of San Jose, Calif., completed her 25th run in the marathon on Sunday. She stumbled and hit her head near the 20th mile, but still managed to complete the race and carry out her annual interview with the 'Today' show's Al Roker the next day. '

Joy Johnson, the oldest woman to compete in the ING New York City Marathon on Sunday, died in her sleep the next day, her sneakers still laced on her feet…..said she wanted to die running.

 Joy Johnson Runner Joy Johnson, 86-year-old runner in the NYC marathon.
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