December 12, 2013

Funeral Etiquette

Creator of ‘Selfies at Funerals’ blog retires after Obama flub: ‘Our work here is done

The man who decided to turn the social media phenomenon of “funeral selfies” into a viral blog has announced he is shutting down the website after President Obama snapped a shot of himself at Nelson Mandela’s memorial on Tuesday.
“Obama smooshed heads with the Danish and British prime ministers for what is arguably the most epic funeral selfie of all time,” Jason Feifer, creator of the Selfies at Funerals blog, wrote in the Britain’s The Guardian.

 Obama Funeral Selfie

My Tumblr was once a collection of evidence, convincing the world that something very strange actually existed, but now everyone believes, and everyone has seen, and Thorning-Schmidt has the evidence on her phone.

“So it was time to do the only sensible thing: It was time to declare victory, to revel in drawing a line from the bottom to the top,” he continued.

“I won’t miss it. I’m not even tempted to post another image. That is, unless the pope takes a funeral selfie. Then I’ll return for one more. Your move, Your Holiness,” he said.

It's no secret that criminals read the obituary pages.  Archbishop Desmond Tutu's home robbed same day he attended memorial for Nelson Mandela

If you are named in a relative's obituary, you would be wise to ask a neighbor or a friend to stay at your home while you attend the funeral and reception.

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