December 13, 2013

Mushroom Burial Suit


Mushroom burial suit turns heads at convention 

Few things shock funeral professionals, but a new a mushroom burial suit designed to help the body decompose after death is the latest earthy concept turning heads at a convention downtown.

The setup at the National Funeral Directors Association looks like any other convention, but when you venture over to one corner, you notice something different going on. A body lying in rest, wearing a black suit and surrounded by mushrooms.

It's all part of the "design for death" world competition involving more than 1,300 entries from more than 700 designers.

One of the winners, a mushroom death suit, created by artist Jae Rhim Lee, is embedded with infinity mushroom spores that supposedly speed up decomposition of the body after death. The idea is to protect the environment from the body's toxic chemicals, such as pesticides, lead and mercury. Lee said those chemicals are often associated with cremations and graveyards.
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