January 23, 2014

“I decided I wanted to have one of the most organized good-byes in recorded history and I think I will be successful.”

Former Kansas City Star Reporter Martin Manley creates a website to explain his suicide

“I decided I wanted to have one of the most organized good-byes in recorded history and I think I will be successful.” — Martin Manley, 1953-2013

Jim Romensko  reports that he was only 60.

Kansas City Star reports former sports statistics reporter commits suicide at Overland Park police station

Kansas City sportscaster sparks hunt for $200,000 stash of gold after fans mistake GPS coordinates revealed on morning he killed himself as a treasure map

From his website.  He had no health issues, no legal issues, no financial problems, he did not feel lonely and he was not depressed.

Suicide Preface  " I decided I wanted to have one of the most organized good-byes in recorded history and I think I will be successful."
"The key has always been to do it before it becomes impossible to accomplish what I’m doing now – because then it’s too late and I would simply be along for the ride to the inevitable cliff. And, that has always been an unacceptable conclusion to my life. I became convinced that had I waited even another few years, I would never have been able to produce this site."

Why suicide? "Because I can."  And he "wanted to go out on top."  He was afraid of growing older. He was afraid of losing his memory.  He was afraid of losing control.  He began thinking about what he could accomplish by being dead.  He wanted to leave money to people he cared about.  He was sick of watching the suffering of the world.  Economic collapse was inevitable.

Why not  Frankly, I didn’t have any major problem that would cause me to do it.  No loved ones would be affected.  He wasn't married. He had no children. His parents had died.  His brother and sister both had independent lives and no children.  Except for brief periods he was never really happy.

Why 60? His life insurance would expire in 2014.  Divorced twice, he decided to die on his birthday August 15th, two weeks before his rental lease expired.  He wouldn't have to renew his renter's insurance, his car insurance, his drivers' license or his license plate.  He hated winter.  By planning his death 14 months in advance, he was able to leave his legacy in the form of this website which documents his life.

Health  I didn’t miss a scheduled day of work in over 30 years leading up to my death…..I’ve never eaten properly. My personality is so obsessive that once I started working on something…When I was working in the 1980’s I started skipping lunch because it meant taking a break and I didn’t want no stinking breaks. I never ate breakfast so it turned into a lifestyle whereby I would eat once a day – supper.

My religion So, how can I justify committing suicide. Here’s a hint… I can’t.

It’s also my hope that this web-site will be more than just a memorial to my life and those around me. That somehow, someway, it will be an inspiration – not to leave life prematurely, but to have a more fulfilling life and one that centers more around others than oneself. If I could bottle the last 14 months and apply it to a much earlier age, I would have been a far superior contributor to society!
I can say without fear of contradiction that since June 11, 2012, I have been much more focused on others than myself. I’ve done many things that I otherwise would not have done solely based upon the fact that I was not going to be around much longer and wouldn’t have many more opportunities. Knowing it was coming to an end helped me focus on what was most important.
I’ve just never led my life as one should who is truly faithful. That is, as I said at the top of this section, the real issue when it comes to ending one’s life – a lack of (enough) faith.

So, I hope nobody will read this site and be motivated into committing suicide. This site is not here to justify it and it’s not here for that reason.
I pray that God will forgive me and through his grace via the sacrifice of his Son, I will be saved.

I found Martin Manley's website fascinating and very sad.  If only he had kept death before him daily, he would have lived a much happier life.  Instead, organizing his good-byes and timing his suicide became such an obsession that he refused the gift of the life given to him.

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