January 30, 2014

Devoted Dad Proves His Love

Dying dad, 44, writes 800 notes so that his daughter will get one in her lunchbox every day until she finishes high school

A father who has been diagnosed with cancer has vowed to write 800 notes for his daughter so that she has one in her lunch box every day until she leaves high school.

 Napkin Note

Garth Callaghan, 44, from Glen Allen, Virginia, has been writing short messages on napkins for his daughter Emma, 14, since she was in kindergarten - and now she looks forward to them every day.

So after Mr Callaghan was diagnosed with cancer three times in the past two years - kidney cancer twice and prostate cancer once - he realized that, if he lost his battle with the disease, he never wanted her to go without.

Now he is on a mission to write 800 of the notes - which are each compiled on simple white napkins and popped in her lunch bag - in case he doesn't reach her graduation.

 Garth With Emma
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