January 30, 2014

Remarkable stories of near death experiences

There are a lot more stories in the Mail's serialized excerpts from Penny Sarton's new book on Near Death Experiences.

The  opening excerpt reveals dramatic evidence Penny Satori says should banish our fear of dying

I began my eight-year study as a cynic. But by the time it  ended, I was convinced that near-death experiences are a genuine phenomenon.

So what exactly is a near-death experience? At its simplest, it’s a clear and memorable vision that occurs when people are close to death — though only a small percentage of us will have one.

Children who have near-death experiences go on to live charmed lives

The evidence, however, suggests that children as young as six months can have lucid visions — and even remember them years later.

Of course, no one can see into the mind of a baby. But consider a case documented in the medical journal Critical Care Medicine. The researchers writing in the journal had kept in touch with the parents of a six-month-old boy who’d nearly died in hospital during a serious illness.

Three years later, that same child was told by his parents that his grandmother was dying. He had just one question: was she going through the tunnel to meet God?
The most common component children report is a sense of overwhelming happiness…Usually, children who experience NDEs report being given the option of returning to life and deciding to take it. The reason is often that the child doesn’t want to upset its parents.

Stories of those who have foreseen the death of relatives including the rare 'shared death' experience, deathbed visions

Older generations, who had far more experience of seeing loved ones die at home, often knew all about death-bed visions and what they signified. Indeed, they have been documented since Victorian times.
More recently, in the 1970s, death-bed visions were the subject of a large survey conducted in both the U.S. and India. This concluded that patients usually died within two to five days of the start of a vision.

The response to the excerpts has been unprecedented.  Many readers sent in their own remarkable stories.

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