March 8, 2014

"Memory Wound"

 Norwegian Memorial Victims Brevik

Memorial to mark where Anders Breivik ‘left a scar on humanity’ by carving three-metre channel through island where he slaughtered 69 youths

The July 22 terror attacks killed eight in a bombing at the government headquarters in Oslo and 69 people, mostly teenagers, were murdered by Anders Breivik in a shooting spree at a youth camp organised by Norway’s social-democratic Arbeiderpartiet.

Artist Jonas Dahlberg's Memory Wound will be a 3.5metre (11ft 6in) channel cut in the mainland facing Utøya, creating a 'physical wound' in the landscape.

The excavation will represent the physical experience of something being taken and 'reflect the abrupt and permanent loss of those who died on Utøya'.  The 3.5metre wide gap will have the names of all 77 victims, both Oslo and Utøya, engraved on its sides.
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