March 25, 2014

100 FedEx Trucks in Funeral Procession

When Michael J. "Mickey" Petronchak died last week, he was deeply beloved by his fellow co-workers. 

As a proof of love and to pay him respect, 100 FedEx delivery vans joined his funeral procession.

 Fedex Funeral For Mickey

One friend described him thus

He was a ramp agent at Fedex Express. He was basically a manager, and he was on top of his game all the time. God, he had to be working there forever! He never called off, took a vacation, or worked less than 8 hours a day. Mickey loved everyone, and did so many generous things for people. He had no selflishness what so ever. He was so special to me because he was the first person I met at Fedex. He trained me and made me always be happy to be at work. He is a role model to me, and a lot of other people. He is one of those people that never take credit for what tasks he achieved. No one disliked him and he was the hardest worker I knew. Mickey used to give me 5 bucks for the vending machine. Why, I don't know. He just did it all the time.


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