April 14, 2014

Soldier's time capsule from WW1

Sealed for a century: 'Time capsule' from soldier who died on the Somme contains possessions that his parents couldn't bear to see - including the German shell that killed him

Private Edward Ambrose, from Hertfordshire, was killed on the Somme, just days he arrived at the front in 1916
After a telegram telling of his death, his last belongings were sent back from the trenches to his heartbroken parents  But the family left the case unopened, finding its contents too painful to look at, and it was placed in an attic for years.

After visiting a local historical exhibition, Private Ambrose's nephew has now opened the package for the first time.  The case includes black and white photos of his family, letters from his parents, a half-smoked pipe and cigarettes.  The items, including a locket with photos of Private Ambrose and his sweetheart, Gladys, will go display later this year

 Wwi-Soldier's Time Capsule

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