July 7, 2014

"'They want noise and they want speed"

Funeral home finds its niche with motorcycle hearses

Easy riders until the end: Funeral home offers motorcycle hearses to lay bikers to rest with a thunderous roar

 Motorcycle Hearse

A funeral home in a small town in Pennsylvania has added a motorcycle hearse to its lineup last month in hopes of better serving bereaved bikers by bearing their deceased loved ones to the afterlife with a thunderous roar.

Heintzelman Funeral Home six months ago tapped Orange County Chopper in Newburgh, New York, to craft a one-of-a-kind two-wheeled hearse with all the trimmings, including an S&S V111 engine and a reverse gear that allows it to back up, according to a press release on the company's website.

'The last thing they want is to be in a four-wheel drive vehicle,' said David Heintzelman, co-owner of the Hellertown-based funeral home. 'They want noise and they want speed.'

As for why he did it, Heintzelman said it only makes sense to let people who spent their lives on a motorcycle take their final journey on one as well. The funeral home also offers clients the option of using a horse-drawn coach , in addition to the more conventional Cadillac and Lincoln hearses.

But the motorcycle hearse doesn't appeal only to bikers, Heintzelman said.  "I actually had a person who had died, a female who was never on a motorcycle, that was in her late 80s,' he said. Her children 'saw a picture of [the motorcycle hearse] in my arrangement conference room, and they thought this was so cute and unique, they wanted to have that for their mom.'"
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