July 16, 2014

Couple laid to rest in one casket

'The way they looked at each other - you could see their love': Couple who were married for 63 years die hours apart and are laid to rest in one casket

 Bob+Barbara Pettis 2  Before they were married                                                                                                           Bob+Barbara Pettis  On their 50th wedding anniversary
A couple who were happily married for 63 years have been laid to rest together after they both passed away on the same day.  Bob, 85, and 82-year-old Barbara Pettis of Holdenville, Oklahoma, had both been battling health problems for several years when they died mere hours apart on June 30.

Their oldest son Clay, 59, told NewsOK that they were so close in life, it was no surprise that they ended up leaving the earth together.  Clay - who, with his wife Jana, had been his parents' primary caretakers for two years - said it took him a while to fully realize just how special they were.  'We had something growing up that a lot of kids don't get. The thought of them divorcing was inconceivable to me,' he said. 'We had that kind of security with them that it never crossed our minds growing up.'
Per Barbara's wishes, she was cremated. Clay and his two siblings, Leslie and Jim, laid their parents to rest on July 2nd, placing their mother's urn in Bob's casket so they could be eternally together…..

Their lives were celebrated at a joint memorial service at Calvary Baptist Church in Holdenville, where they were both active members - Bob a deacon and song leader, and Barbara a pianist and organist.

The couple are survived by their three children, 11 grandchildren five great-grandchildren, with another great-grandkid due to be born this month.
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