August 4, 2014

Weird deaths

Unnatural deaths may cause more grief than natural ones to their surviving families because their deaths seem so pointless and unfair

In China Patient killed after blowing up hospital ward when he decided to smoke a cigarette while undergoing treatment in high-pressure oxygen chamber

In Italy  Beautiful Italian girl, 19, killed when her long hair caught on her steering wheel and her car veered into oncoming traffic

In Virginia by bees. Sarah Harkins, 32, and her unborn child died Monday after a nest of bees was disturbed and stung her.  

In New Jersey, 1i-year-old boy killed by one punch to the head by another teen at his home. He died from bleeding on the brain.

In MIchigan, a soccer player who killed a referee with a single punch in June after he was ejected from a game  pleads guilty to second-degree murder.

In Michigan A man lost control of his car, plowed into an abandoned house that was so infested with bees that paramedics couldn't get to him and so he died.

In South Africa, two giraffes were being transported on an open bed truck along a busy highway when the driver went under a too low bridge when one of them didn't duck and suffered a fatal blow to his neck.

In India Three-year-old is boiled alive after being knocked out of his mother's arms by a speeding rickshaw and falling into pot of heated sugar syrup outside Indian sweet shop

In Florida, 13-year-old boy dies 'playing Russian roulette with his 15-year-old friend 

In Mexico,  Man, 21, a "selfie obsessive" accidentally kills himself with a shot to the head while posing with a gun for Facebook album

In Maine, 18 month old toddler brought to hospital 'brain dead' with bruises on her face by her unlicensed daycare provider

In Florida Iraq War vet vacationing in Florida with his wife and three children was taking an evening stroll on the beach with his daughter when a plane crash-landed on the beach and killed them

In Ontario, Heavily pregnant mom has lost her baby after a car crashed through the entrance of a Costco and hit her as she shopped, also killing her daughter, 6, and leaving her other little girl, 3, injured

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