September 28, 2016

Death Fraud

Beset by credit card debts, John Darwin decided to fake his own death in a canoe accident so he and his wife could cash in on his life insurance.  At first his wife Ann said she thought he had really died.  But after living rough for a few weeks, he turned up dirty, smelly and disheveled at his home.  Ann took him in, cleaned him up and agreed to hide him while collecting a widow's pension and awaiting the inquest and the insurance payout.  He lived in a bedsit next door to their large house and secretly lived as husband and wife

 John Darwin. Jpg 
John Darwin

They never told their two grown-up sons that their father was alive and living next door. 

In an astonishing interview, 55-year-old Mrs Darwin admits the couple were secretly living as husband and wife when an inquest declared him dead.

The former doctor's receptionist also knew her husband was alive and well when she cashed in a life insurance policy for £25,000 and had their £130,000 mortgage paid off by another life policy.

 Anne Darwin
Anne Darwin

In an extraordinary new book, Anne Darwin is revealing all.
A heart-stopping escape to Panama and the split-second blunder that ruined us

Today, she tells how she and her husband made a last-ditch attempt to save their skin — and the awful consequences for their children . . .

'My most wicked betrayal': Canoe wife Anne Darwin reveals her regret over putting her beloved sons through the agony of accusing her in court after she tried to save her skin by pleading not guilty to her crimes

Both were convicted of fraud.  John Darwin served six years and 3 months while Ann Darwin served 6 years and 6 months.

Her book Out of My Depth will be published October 6.  She has divorced her husband who is married again and living in the Philippines.  She has also reconciled with her children.

So you think you can fake your own death?  Some Dos and Don'ts by Elizabeth Greenwood is the author of Playing Dead, A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud

Don’t subscribe to conventional wisdom:
Don’t get too creative
Don’t Google yourself
Do change your light bulbs
Don’t assume a fake identity
Do keep near enough the truth
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