December 11, 2016

"Ghost Bride" found alive in coffin

Family buys a cadaver to bury with their dead son as a 'ghost bride' but she comes back to LIFE in the coffin

A family unwittingly uncovered an alleged human-trafficker after purchasing a cadaver from him.

The family, from northern China, bought the corpse to bury with their dead son as a 'ghost bride'. But during the burial, they were shocked to hear noises coming from from the coffin, People's Daily reported. They opened up the box to discover that the victim, later found to be a deaf-mute woman who was trafficked to the area, was still alive.

  Ghost Bride Found Alive In Coffin

The 'ghost bride' tradition allows parents of men and women who died before they wed to be married after their death.  In the ritual, two dead bodies are buried together to indicate a marriage has taken place.

According to People's Daily, the family received the body of the woman, identified as Zhao Mei, on July 15. They dressed her up for the burial before they put the body into the coffin and nailed it shut. But during the burial, the family heard slapping sounds coming from within the coffin. 

The terrified family opened the coffin to discover that Zhao was still alive. They reported the incident to the police and Zhao was sent to Linzhou People's Hospital.

Zhao was deaf-mute and was mentally retarded, according to the report. She was unable to provide additional information to the police.

However, through their investigation, officers were able to track down six people allegedly involved in a human trafficking ring. They would use the women for prostitution and sold them on as wives, according to the report.  One of the alleged traffickers, identified by his surname Li, admitted to the police that he gave the deaf-mute woman tranquilizers dissolved in a bottle of water before he delivered 'the body' to the family, according to the report.

Linzhou police also told local media that they rescued five other female victims from the alleged traffickers.One of the alleged traffickers had previously been convicted for trafficking according to Guancha. At present, the group are being held on suspicion of attempted homicide and are awaiting trial according to the Guancha report.
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