December 12, 2016

Air-conditioned tombs for drug cartel lords

Mexican drug lords spend $300,000 each building air-conditioned tombs with bulletproof glass, elaborate security systems and even living rooms

 Air-Conditioned Tombs Drug Cartel Leaders

Juan Carlos Ayala, philosophy professor at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, who specializes in 'Narco Culture' said the ostentatious graves are important for the drugs lords. He said: 'It's an expression of the power that they once had and a manifestation of their desire for eternity, which is natural in any human being. It's also a demonstration for those who survive them that this man was important.'

New lavish mausoleums were under construction this week, awaiting for more drug cartel honchos to be gunned down. Ayala estimates that some of the crypts cost as much as $290,000 to build
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