January 4, 2017

Crossword tombstone

Bean Puzzle Tombstone It took over 100 years to decode this enigmatic epitaph for two buried brides.

In rural Rushes Cemetery, Wellesley, Canada,  one headstone stands out from the rest. Rather than the usual RIP, the Bean grave marker is etched with a crossword code. A message below the code urges, “Reader meet us in heaven.”

 Bean Puzzle Tombstone

Dr. Samuel Bean’s first wife, Henrietta, died just seven months after the two were married. His second wife, Susanna, also met her untimely end after only a few months of marital bliss. Bean buried his two loves side by side, erected the mysterious tombstone above them and didn’t tell a soul what it meant. He took that secret to his watery grave when he was lost overboard from a boat heading to Cuba.

In the 1970s a 94-year-old woman solved the code and told what Dr. Bean had written for his two wives ....
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