January 12, 2017

Bizarre deaths

Boy, 13, dies after getting buried in a massive snowbank while digging a fort with friends just hours after his grandmother died

13-year-old boy, Joshua J. Demarest died after getting trapped while playing in the snow with a friend.  He had been building a fort with his friend, Tyler Day, when they got stuck.  Police say a truck clearing the snow accidentally caused the fort to collapse
investigators believe a truck dumped more snow or bumped into the fort while the boys were inside, collapsing it on top of them. Day told officials he survived because he was had a pocket of air where he was.

Two hours after being reported missing, police officers found the two boys with the help of a K9 unit, and desperately shoveled about seven tons of snow in just 10 minutes to reach them. Responders unsuccessfully tried to resuscitate him at the scene, before he was rushed to Saratoga Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Suicide streamed online

Girl, 12, streams her own suicide on social media for 20 minutes after being ‘sexually abused by a relative’ – and cops are powerless to take it down.  Cops say they have asked websites to remove the video of Katelyn Nicole Davis's death but admit they are unable to do more. In the video, Katelyn Nicole Davis claims she was physically and sexually abused by a relative then lets the camera roll as she hangs herself in her back garden. Katelyn, a student at Cedartown Middle School in Polk County, Georgia, US, broadcast it on social media on December 30 but it was later removed from her page. It was later posted on other websites, including Facebook.

In December, at a dinner party streamed live on Facebook, Banker’s assistant ‘accidentally shoots his friend dead’ while messing around with a handgun.  Steven Leannais, 30, was charged with manslaughter following the fatal shooting of his friend Anthony Stanford II.

Mother of two dies after falling into a vat of molten CHOCOLATE at a Russian sweet factory

Svetlana Roslina, 24, died at the Sergiev-Posad confectionery plant in Fedortsovo.  Some say she dropped her mobile phone into the vat of sweet mix and reached in to retrieve it, but fell, and couldn't get out.  Another version is that she fell in while emptying a sack of ingredients into the giant mixer. Still others say the girl was dragged in when she was trying to empty a sack into the mixer

'She was minced, only her legs were left,' said one local source at the Sergiev-Posad confectionery plant in Fedortsovo, Moscow region.  A police investigation is underway into the tragedy

Whatever happened, she leaves behind her husband and two young children aged under five.  May they all rest in peace.  May their families be consoled.

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