March 4, 2017

Bizarre Deaths

Boy, 6, is killed when an SUV smashed through a dentist's office where he was getting a routine cleaning

Camlyn Lee had just been called back for his dentist appointment when a Mercedes SUV plowed through the waiting room area of Vital Smiles in Midfield, Alabama, on Thursday morning.  Lee, a kindergarten student at Central Park Elementary School, was killed in front of his grandmother and teenage brother after the driver attempted to park in front of the office.

Wife, 24, is burned alive after hospital 'mistakenly declares her dead' and her family cremate her in India

Medics said the 24-year-old, named as Rachna, had died of a lung infection.  Her husband and friends then began to cremate her hours later in Uttar Pradesh. Reports say that somebody then dragged the woman off the funeral pyre, believing her to be still alive. She showed no signs of life thereafter but a post-mortem examination showed charred particles in her windpipe and lungs, say police, which would not have been present if she had not been breathing. Two doctors working together said the cause of death was not lung infection but in fact 'shock caused by being burnt alive'.

Lonely Japanese man who amassed a SIX-TON pile of dirty magazines died when it collapsed on top of him..

The man's body was only discovered six months later when the landlord entered the flat to find out why the rent had not been paid.  The man's lowly death was revealed by a member of the cleaning team, who said his company had been hired to remove the magazines discreetly in a way that would not be noticed by neighbors and the man's family to save them from the shame. He said that the dead man, a 50-year-old former carmaker identified only by the name Joji, had died buried underneath under a pile of the pornographic magazines.  It was unclear if he had suffered a heart attack and fallen into the stacks of magazines which had then fallen on top of him, or whether he had been crushed by the mass of paper.

Death by indoor lightning

A 53-year-old man had been renovating his cottage alon when he stopped answering his phone. His family, growing worried, called the police, who showed up at the man's door.  Inside, they found his corpse lying between two metal sawhorses, badly burned. But there was no evidence of fire anywhere else in the house, and no sign of an electrical malfunction, leading investigators to wonder whether the man had been burned elsewhere and then hidden in the cottage. But a closer look indicated that this death was much more unusual. The case is detailed in the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology.

Seventy percent of the man's body was covered in first-, second-, and third-degree burns.  Taking a look around at the steel beams that protruded from the central area of the cottage to the outside of the house, and the metal tools scattered about the man, the investigators put two and two together. These burns weren't caused by fire. Instead, a lightning bolt must have travelled down the beams, arcing across the metal tools. The electricity entered the man's body through his left foot, and exited through his right thumb after passing through his heart. Meteorologists confirmed a thunderstorm had passed through the area a few hours earlier, right around the estimated time of death..

Death by Tequila

A 23-year-old man died after chugging a bottle of tequila during a friendly wager at a Dominican nightclub. He won $630 but just minutes later he lost his life.The cause of death was listed as alcohol intoxication by the medical examiner. The tragic incident happened earlier this week in the city La Romana, in eastern Dominican Republic, and it was all captured on video by a cell phone camera.

This is part of an intermittent series to emphasize that death can come to anyone unexpectedly. No one woke up and thought that this would be their last day alive.

I do not mean to make light of the unspeakable loss that their families and friends experience.  May they all rest in peace.

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