March 15, 2017

Bizarre deaths

Grandfather, 79, died from a brain injury after he fell off his new bike while testing it INSIDE a branch of Halfords without a helmet.

Grandfather Peter Norton, 79, was not wearing a helmet when he fell from a bike.  He was testing out the gears inside a Halfords branch in St Austell, Cornwall.  He initially appeared unharmed and returned home for a lie down. Several hours later he became unresponsive and never regained consciousness.  The cause of death given was a brain hemorrhage as a result of the fall and the traumatic injury to his brain.

Couple married for 36 years were on their way to hospital when bridge collapsed and crushed them to death on Italian motorway

The bridge had been closed to traffic and was under construction when it collapsed onto the highway below
It fell onto a car, crushing it, killing Emidio "Mimmo" Diomedi, 60, and his wife Antonella Viviani, 54, and injuring three construction workers.

College sweethearts in a long-distance relationship are tragically killed by a tree that fell onto their car in 70mph winds

Max Muessig, 20, and his girlfriend Maggie Potter, 23, were driving to his mother's house in Midland, Michigan on Wednesday when a tree hit their car. The couple, described as 'soulmates' by Potter's father, died instantly.  The two met while attending the University of Vermont. Potter, who graduated last year and lives in Boston, was visiting Muessig for his college spring break.

18 people, swimming during a storm at a popular waterfall spot in Ghana were killed when a large tree fell on them

Rescue teams used chainsaws to cut through the fallen tree and free those trapped underneath. Twenty-two others were injured and are being treated at local hospitals.

Man shot and killed in front of his wife and daughter because carjacker didn't know how to use a manual transmission and was furious about it

Killed by a rogue robot

Wanda Holbrook, 57, from Grand Rapids in Michigan, was working on the production line when a robotic arm took her by surprise by entering the section in which she was stationed. The arm hit and crushed her head against a hitch assembly it was working on.  Her widower is suing the manufacturers.

Aspiring US model, 19, is struck and killed by train after she gets stuck between tracks during photo shoot

Fredzania Thompson, a pregnant aspiring model was killed by a freight train after she became stuck between two railroad tracks while posing for a photo shoot.  She was in the middle of a modeling shoot on the tracks when a train approached. The teen ended up stuck when she moved onto another track where another train was coming. The young model was engaged and would have turned 20 on Monday.

 Model Stuck Between Trains

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