March 18, 2017

'Bury me in my mummy's coffin'

The heart-breaking plea of a dying boy

Filip Kwasny, a dying seven-year-old schoolboy is asking the public to help him fulfill his final wish - to be buried with his mother so she can look after him in heaven.  He made the wish from his bed in London's Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital where chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant have failed to cure his leukemia and where he receives only palliative care to make him comfortable as his short life comes to an end.

 Filip Kwasney

Kind-hearted strangers have been donating to help him be buried in the same coffin as his mother, who he lost to cancer when he was two. Barely able to speak, he yesterday sent a personal thank you from his bed on the hospital's Fox Ward, saying: 'Thanks for helping make my wish come true.'

His father, Piotr Kwasny, 40, is desperate to raise £6,500 to raise his wife's coffin which has been underground for five years and re-bury her with their son. 'He says that I'm his angel that is looking after him here and that his mum will look after him when he is in heaven,' Piotr explained from his son's hospital bed. 'I don't know how well he remembers his mother as he was so young when she passed away, but he has visited her grave when he was well enough to speak to her.
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