April 4, 2017

"God is both the gardener and the garden" Albert Einstein

In Quora What was the last thing Albert Einstein was working on before he died?

What Richard Malcolm Smythe wrote

At his hospital bed just after he passed away; he had left his pen and papers on top of the little side table.  The papers were on his passion, his Unified Field Theory. The evening before he died, Einstein was hard at work writing and scribbling his thoughts and workings on this theory. A little later he stated to his nurse, "...I think I will rest for a while" and he placed the items on the table.

There is a nice story this nurse enjoyed telling; one I too enjoy recounting.  She was, in fact, the last person to have a conversation with Einstein. The nurse had wheeled Einstein over to the hospital window to admire the view of the little round garden from the bedside window.

“Professor Einstein, do you think God made the garden?”
He replied, “Yes, God is both the gardener and the garden” to which the nurse replied ,”Oh I’d not thought of it that way” to which Einstein replied, “Yes, and I’ve spent my whole life just trying to catch a glimpse of him at his work”.
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