April 5, 2017

Mysterious grave

Police baffled by sudden appearance of mystery grave containing human remains

Police have been left baffled after a fresh unmarked grave containing human remains appeared overnight in an ancient churchyard. Officers were called in to examine the neatly kept plot after a local in the village of Stanstead Abbotts in Hertfordshire became puzzled following its sudden appearance. The unmarked grave, which is decorated with white gravel, appeared last Autumn in the secluded churchyard of the 12th century St James's parish, which has not been in regular use since the 1970s.

 Mysterious Grave

Villagers were initially surprised to see a new grave in the churchyard but were not particularly suspicious.  But earlier this week one local decided to raise it with the police telling a community officer that it had been praying on her mind for sometime.  When detectives began digging at the grave they discovered and exhumed human remains, which are now being forensically examined. Locals claim they have seen people visiting and tending the grave regularly and detectives are now hoping to identify those people in order to unlock the mystery of who the remains belong to.

It sounds like the beginning of a cozy English mystery.

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