April 25, 2017

More bizarre deaths

May they all rest in peace and their memory become a blessing to their families.

Motorcycle rider beheaded in freak accident

A motorcycle rider has been decapitated in a freak accident in San Bernardino. Authorities say 27-year-old Fabian Zepeda was killed Tuesday morning when he drove into a wire stretched across a road from a snapped utility pole.
...Minutes earlier, a driver had lost control of a Ford Taurus, which hit a mailbox and ran across a lawn,  the car then hit a wooden telephone pole that snapped in half, and a wire fell across Macy Street.  Zepeda was married and about to be a father to a baby girl.

Five-year-old boy is crushed to death at popular rotating restaurant after getting pinned between a wall and spinning table

The child was said to be visiting with his family from Charlotte, North Carolina, and they stopped to have lunch at the Sun Dial Restaurant located on the 72nd floor of the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel....The family were the last customers in the restaurant when the boy wandered away from his parents to see the views...The hotel's security staff and employees scrambled to pull the boy out after realizing he was stuck, and were eventually able to dislodge him. The moving floor immediately turned off, but unfortunately it was too late. The child had already suffered severe head trauma.

Mother, daughter die in grisly Czech sauna accident

Two women died in a sauna in the northern Czech Republic after the door handle came off, trapping them inside, police said Sunday. "The mother and daughter aged 65 and 45 were taking a sauna at their friends' place in a garden colony," police spokeswoman Iva Kormosova said in a statement. "The owner thought they were taking too long to come out so she went to check and found them lying on the floor," she said, adding that the women had been in the sauna for around 90 minutes. "The handle on the sauna door broke and the women were trapped. They tried to break the window on the door but failed."

Woman dies after her husband sawed off her legs 'by accident' while trimming trees

A woman from south-west China was reportedly killed by her husband by accident as he was trimming trees using a brush cutter. The man is said to have cut off both of his wife's legs while weaving the cutter across a tea farm as his wife stood nearby collecting tea leaves. She was rushed to a local hospital and died later due to severe blood loss.

British man's wife is electrocuted in front of horrified revellers at a Thai foam party when hot spotlights causes wiring to melt.

Supaporn Beddoes, 25, had been celebrating the Songkran Thai New Year at an outdoor party in Udon Thani, northern Thailand on April 11.  She was splashing around in a foam pool when powerful spotlights melted wires which were lying in the liquid, causing a massive surge of electricity to hit her which killed her instantly in front of horrified clubbers. Supaporn had been due to arrive in the UK in June for a dream holiday with husband Michael, 36, at his home in Felixstowe, Suffolk.

Fisherman invents electric fishing rod... and is electrocuted when he puts it in a stream in Malaysia

Kamal Siada, 41, invented an electric fishing rod to make it easier to catch fish.  But he was electrocuted when he fell into water with it in Sandakan, Malaysia

Teenage surfer’s leg was bitten off at the hip by a monster shark and she dies after massive blood loss

Laeticia Brouwer, 17, died after her left leg was bitten off at the hip by a shark as she surfed with her father Leon, near Esperance, Western Australia.  Her father desperately to save her life by using a surfboard leash as a tourniquet to stem the bleeding. He, the teenager's mother, Julie, and an off-duty nurse performed CPR until paramedics arrived, 20 minutes later.

Two lawyers are found dead in Alabama lake after they were electrocuted while sunbathing on a pier

Shelly Darling, 34, and Elizabeth Whipple, 41, died in Lake Tuscaloosa Friday.  They were electrocuted by a current running through the pier as they sunbathed. Both women worked for the University of Alabama School of Law in Tuscaloosa.

At least 20 Manchester United fans are electrocuted in Nigeria while watching team's Europa League match on TV when electrical wire falls on packed bar

More than 80 people had been crammed inside the bar to watch the match...Many Nigerians prefer to watch football games at the viewing centers, for a small fee, instead of watching at home...The Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company has not commented on the incident, but authorities have said it is illegal to erect structures under high-tension cables.

'Psychic' accidentally stabs himself in the heart with a sword and dies in front of horrified spectators while demonstrating his immortality

Theprit Palee, 25, was performing a traditional Thai dance in front of spectators.  The ritual meant to make him look superhuman by pressing sword against his chest. Usually the blade snaps, but this time it plunged deep into his chest, killing him. Gathered crowds swarmed around him in an desperate attempt to save his life.

College Freshman Killed During Hammer Throw Event

Ethan Roser was volunteering at track and field competition at Wheaton College when was accidentally hit by a hammer during the hammer throw event. 
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