April 26, 2017

'I never thought I'd die this way.'

Haunting last words of a 14-year-old boy

A 14-year-old boy left a heartbreaking voicemail on his friend's phone moments before he was killed by a fire the two had ignited inside a vacant building.  Joe Phillips and his 13-year-old friend entered a tire recycling complex in Lockport, New York, in August 2016 and ignited some paper before the flames quickly spread out of control.

The 13-year-old ran outside to get water while Phillips used his shirt to try to tamp down the blaze, according to defense attorney A. Angelo DiMillo.

As the fire spread, Phillips called his friend in a panic, and said: 'I'm really stuck, dude, I'm (expletive). I'm (expletive) going to die.' Then panting, with resignation in his voice, 'Sorry, dude. I love you, man,' the call ended. 'I never thought I'd die this way.'
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