May 10, 2017

More bizarre deaths

Part of an intermittent series, these short snippets of untimely and unexpected deaths can not begin to hint at the grief and loss their families and friends will experience for years to come.  May their memory be a blessing. May they all Rest in Peace and perpetual light shine upon them. 

American PhD student in Ireland dies in a house fire 'caused by a faulty cellphone charger'

Grace McDermott, 26, a PhD researcher at Dublin City University, was visiting some friends in Limerick for the weekend. There were four other people in the house with her, three men and another woman, who all escaped uninjured, and were the ones who notified authorities.

 Grace Mcdermott

Two parents accidentally die of carbon monoxide poisoning while sitting and talking in an SUV in a Kansas City Wal-Mart parking lot

Carolyn Williams-Cottier, 26, mother of two small children, and Trevor Roth, 30, father of three children, had no way of knowing what was happening because carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, police said.

Famed Swiss climber Ueli Steck, 40,  was killed in a mountaineering accident on Mount Everest.

He slipped and fell some 3,000 ft, severing his body into bits and pieces, said expedition organizers.  One of the most-renowned mountaineers of his generation, Steck said, before he set off on his expedition, 'I think being in the mountains is the best thing in life. Once you are out you are free and can do what you like to do.'

'Brilliant' MIT computer programming graduate, 24, dies after slipping and falling while trying to climb school's iconic dome

The MIT graduate died while trying to climb his alma mater's iconic 150ft-high dome.  Nicholas Paggi, 24, died after he climbed the roof near the dome and slipped off.  The 2015 graduate of the top global university was climbing the dome as a fun sort of prank, said his mother. He was working as a software engineer and had graduated with degrees in computer science and engineering, and physics, the school's newspaper The Tech reports. Doctor Rich Fletcher told CBS: 'He was one of the greatest computer programmers I've worked with.'  He added: 'He was a great mentor to all students. It's such a loss to all of us.'

 Nicholas Paggi Mit Grad

British tourist Dean Steele, 22, is run down and killed 'while taking selfies with his friends' in the middle of a MOTORWAY in Germany

Shark lover, 30, who devoted his life to warning people about the predators is mauled to death off the French island of Reunion

Adrien Dubosc, 30, died off the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean just two months after one of his best friends died in almost identical circumstances.  Mr Dubosc was a member of Shark Watch Patrol, an organization dedicated to cutting down on shark deaths on Reunion, which is plagued by man-eating bull and tiger sharks. Despite this, he loved the fish, and regularly posted Facebook pictures of ones he had seen, together with biological details about them.

Patient dies after local mayor takes Brazilian hospital's last oxygen cylinder so he can use it to pump BEER at a party

Jose Claudio Pol charged with murder after patient died from heart attack. He ordered council worker to remove the only cylinder from town's health centre. Photos emerged of him using oxygen cylinder as a beer keg at New Year's party. A technical report found that his actions led to the death of the patient.

Teenage sweethearts fall nine floors to their death after elevator's glass floor COLLAPSES

Boy and girl, both 17, were leaving a luxury block of flats in Salamanca.  The young couple were on their way to a party to celebrate the end of exams.  It is believed either the floor or a wall of a lift gave way.

Married father-of-five, 45, is killed by a stranger after sucker-punch to the face on the street

Luis Campos, of California, was sucker-punched on Fremont Street in Las Vegas Sunday and died from his injuries in the hospital three days later.  Campos was in town to attend his brother's bachelor party; he was supposed to be the best man in the wedding.  The father-of-five was waiting with his other brother to get into a lounge when two men came up to him and one struck him in the face before fleeing. Las Vegas police on Thursday released CCTV video showing the pair, Hispanic men in their 20s, running away from the scene.
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