June 14, 2017

More bizarre deaths, every one a tragedy to their families and friends

Man drowns after hitting a fire hydrant and getting sucked into 6ft-deep hole created by the water pressure

Robert Dreyer, 89, was driving his 2016 Mercedes in Melbourne when he veered off the road and crashed into a fire hydrant. The fire hydrant started spewing water, as the safety valve was likely damaged during the accident. When Dreyer got out of his vehicle, a roughly six-foot deep hole opened up beneath him and he was pulled under his Mercedes by the rush of the water from the damaged hydrant. Witnesses say Dreyer dropped straight down into the hole. It was his 89th birthday.

Tractor crushes former Chloe Farrell. 22, to death after falling on her at exclusive holiday resort

In north Wales, Chloe was helping to launch a boat when the tractor rolled on top of her. Paramedics and firemen had to use hydraulics to lift the vehicle off of Chloe, but the 22-year-old was tragically pronounced dead at the scene on Friday.

 Choloe Farell,22

19-year-old female US airman serving in Japan has died after slipping and falling at a waterfall in Okinawa

Shannon Purcell, a native of Pennsylvania, was spending an afternoon with her comrades at Aha Falls, a site popular with service members and tourists,  when she took a bad fall, plummeting 15 feet to her death into the Tanaga Gumui basin.

 Shannon Purcell. Rip

Teenage girl, 15, dies after a tree supporting her hammock falls on her during a birthday camping trip with her friends

A teenage girl has died after a tree supporting her hammock snapped in half and fell on her while she was celebrating a friend's birthday on a camping trip. Joelle Dalgleish, 15, was sleeping at the Red Top Mountain State Park in Cartersville, Georgia on Saturday night when the tree fell. She was immediately rushed to he hospital after she reportedly suffered a fractured skull, damaged spine and brain swelling, and was pronounced dead on Sunday afternoon.

 Joelle Daglish 15

Worker dies after vanishing into huge sinkhole that opened up in a backyard as he installed a cesspool

On Long Island, the man was directing a crane when it happened, The new cesspool 'has rings that go into the ground and two rings were in when the worker fell into the hole and it collapsed over him and he got buried,' Another just barely escaped the same fate by clutching onto a bucket being used to grab dirt.

British father, 52, dies falling off an inflatable sofa being towed by a speedboat on the final day of 'dream Greek holiday' as his partner looks on in horror

Simon Crewe, a British father-of-three, was a passenger on the dinghy ride along with his brother David and a family friend.  His partner Vicki Hewitt said 'Simon wanted us all to go on the sofa but I had a bad back so myself and another woman went in the boat,' said Vicki, recalling the horrific events. 'We didn't have life jackets but the three men who went on the sofa did.'

His brother tells the story: 'The ride had begun and there was a massive bang. Something hit my head. I thought we must have hit a wave. 'Our friend was thrown into the sea and disappeared completely. I turned to Simon and - I don't know what had happened, but I watched him die.'

 Simon Crewe

Hiker, 25,  plunged to his death from a cliff while taking a selfie with his girlfriend at a waterfall

Cade Prophet, 25, of Spokane, Washington, fell to his death from a cliff at Palouse Falls Monday. Prophet and his girlfriend were attempting to take a selfie when he slipped and plunged 40ft into the river. His girlfriend told authorities that he struck a rock on his way down and rolled into the water. Divers recovered his body in a pool of water Tuesday afternoon, nearly 24 hours after the accident.  Below is his final photo taken 2 hours before his death.

 Final-Photo Cade Prophet+Girlfriend

Man dies after developing sepsis when his fresh tattoo wound became infected from swimming in the sea.

The unidentified 31-year-old ignored advice given to those with new inkings that they should wait for two weeks before venturing into pools or oceans.  Instead, he decided to venture into the warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico just five days after obtaining a religious cross on his right calf. But because his wound was still fresh, it became contaminated with a flesh-eating bacteria that tore chunks out of his skin and ultimately led to his death.

Father-of-two  being hit by a bus in NYC while riding a bike.

An Israeli-born investment banker, Dan Hanegby, 36, of Brooklyn, New York, was riding a Citi Bike alongside a charter bus on 26th Street in Manhattan on Monday morning, when he collided with the bus and was run over by it.  Police say that following his collision with the bus, Hanegby fell to the ground and was then run over by the bus' rear tires.  'They were very close, the bus and him… unfortunately he lost his balance and went under,' said a witness. The collision occurred after Hanegby, who was wearing a suit and tie, and the bus driver swerved to avoid hitting something.

 Dan Hanegby

New York mother-of-two 'dies following botched boob job, tummy tuck and butt lift at Dominican Republic clinic'

Janelle Edwards, 25, was found unconscious in her car near her home in the Bronx, New York, last Tuesday, and later died in hospital. Family members said Ms Edwards, whose daughters are believed to be aged seven and one, complained of stomach pain following the operations. Police sources told the news outlet that an initial autopsy had proved inconclusive but a doctor had told detectives a blood clot caused by the surgeries was to blame.

This is part of an intermittent series to emphasize that death can come to anyone unexpectedly. No one woke up and thought that this would be their last day alive.  I do not mean to make light of the unspeakable loss that their families and friends experience.  May they all rest in peace and their memory become a blessing to their families.

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