June 16, 2017

Down Side of DNA Testing

The Down Side Of DNA Testing

A reader writes: I enjoyed your post about DNA testing–but this sort of thing does have a dark side to it. I think others in the comments section referred to the perpetual “ownership” of your DNA profile by the company and risks related to getting healthcare coverage. Our family experienced a completely different issue.

These tests are being used by adults who were adopted to identify and locate their birth parents–particularly their birth mothers.....Turns out my family member was raped by a relative as a young girl, was sent away, put the baby up for adoption with anonymous records and specific orders not to reopen the file, and left home to make her way in the world. The baby was adopted into a functional and loving family–yet this individual continued to search for his/her birth parents despite knowing the records had been intentionally sealed. Enter for-profit DNA testing.

This person sent several emails to the younger generation of the family and the whole thing blew up. The elderly birth mother has since spiraled into a massive depression, brothers and sisters are arguing about whose “rights” are more important–birth parents or adoptee–and folks are lawyering up to ensure inheritance issues don’t arise. Google “birth mother doesn’t want to meet” to get a glimpse of how volatile these emotions can be on both sides.
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