July 18, 2017

"The confusion is ours. The patient knows what is going on.”

Why the Dying See Their Deceased Relatives Before They Go

I read and heard story after story of men, women and children on their deathbeds who saw their dead mothers, fathers, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and friends. The same is true with people who experience “near-death experiences.”

The logical response to this phenomena is that lack of oxygen and the consumption of various drugs can do crazy things to the brain. As we neared the last days of my mom’s life, I so wanted to understand what she was feeling and seeing. The day before she took her last breath I decided to ask her.

According to David Kessler, author and expert on death and dying, the following things often happen when a person is about to die:

  • The dying are often visited by their dead mothers.
  • Their hands often reach up toward a force that can’t be seen. (My mom did this)
  • Family members and friends of the dying can’t see their visions or participate in conversations.
  • Visions often occur hours to weeks before they die.
Maggie Callanan, a hospice nurse for more than 27 years, has helped more than 2,000 dying men and women in their last days, explains, “People think it’s just confusion or the drugs. But frankly, the confusion is ours. The patient knows what is going on.”
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