August 7, 2017

Regrets on the dying

10 Regrets people confess on their deathbeds at Aleteia

Father Nelson Medina, lists the sort of regrets he has often heard while accompanying the dying.

1. For complaining much more that I gave thanks.
2. For the times when I set a bad example and there were people who followed my lead.
3. For my indifference in the face of someone's suffering.
4. For failing to say so many words of praise to those who deserved them or needed them.
5. For claiming credit for my triumphs but blaming my failures on circumstances.
6. For having failed to respect someone's innocence or having blocked someone's dreams.
7. For wasting so much time on empty things...time that can't be gotten back.
8. For taking advantage of someone who loved me in order to get something for myself.
9. For not being careful to guide those I should have educated better before it was too late.
10. For the promises I didn't keep.
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