August 31, 2017

Marine laid to rest after 74 years

Marine Corps Pfc. George B. Murray was buried with full military honors Friday at the Arroyo Grande Cemetery, nearly 74 years after his death in World War II.

 Marine Murray 74 Years

Pfc. Murray, of Oceano, died during a battle in the Tarawa Atoll and was buried on the island. In recent years, according to the Department of Defense, his remains were recovered during an archaeological mission and positively identified thanks to laboratory testing.

Murray's remains arrived back in California on Wednesday. On Friday, people waving American flags lined Highway 1 as the procession escorting his casket made its way through Oceano to the cemetery where Murray was buried. His casket was placed on top of his mother's...

"The family has been working on it for the last 8 years, and we finally succeeded in bringing him back to his mother. His mother has always waited and has waited for him to come back," said George Winslett, George Murray's nephew.

"There is nothing in words to really say. It just chokes me up to think about it. It's amazing and I'd like to thank everybody that's done it," Winslett said. "He's finally home at rest where he belongs."

 Marine Murray Honor Guard

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Grave robbers in Georgia

Grave robbers ransack historic cemetery where Revolutionary War and Confederate soldiers were buried.

A substantial reward is being offered following the discovery of grave robberies in Burke County this morning (Saturday) at a historic cemetery  At least five graves were excavated at Old Church cemetery off Idlewood Road south of Waynesboro, the bones of soldiers and an infant scattered as thieves likely searched for artifacts, personal effects and precious metal.

The unsettling scene was discovered by the Commander of American Legion Post 120, which is entrusted with the care of the cemetery, when he went there to mow the grass. “I came around here and saw this marker moved and the grave dug up and just thought, ‘What in God’s name?”
Bell said it’s unclear what might have been stolen from the graves, but what they left behind was disturbing.
Just beyond torn shards of one soldier’s uniform, the dentures from his mouth were left lying beside the hole of his grave...The robbers dug up the cast iron casket of baby Emma Jane McElmurray, who died at 13 months old in 1884, and smashed the iridescent glass at its head. All that was left of its contents were portions of her tiny skull and the sole of her infant shoe, which had been dumped on the ground beside the casket.
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