September 19, 2017

Cemetery roundup

In 199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die, Loren Rhoads is quite specific about appropriate behavior in graveyards.

“Rule number one is be respectful. Even cemeteries that are closed to new burials deserve to be treated like something precious and irreplaceable, because they are.”

 Merry Cemetery Includes Poems
Markers in Merry Cemetery in Romania include poems about the deceased.

The 10 Iconic Cemeteries That Made Death Beautiful

The history of the rural cemetery movement, which brought Victorians to picnic among tombstones...With names like “Green-Wood” and “Forest Lawn,” graveyards came off as places of natural respite, not of decay and foreboding. Grassy lawns, flowering trees, and reflective ponds made them as much a place of repose for the living as for the dead. The skulls and crossbones of 16th century grave markers were replaced by more artistic, interpretive symbols like lambs, lilies, and open books.

 Mt.Auburn Cemetery Atlas
Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cemetery manager buried the dead on top of each other in £14k fraud campaign

A crooked cemetery official made thousands of pounds by burying the dead on top of each other in a nine year campaign of fraud against grieving families.  William Henderson, the former superintendent at Edinburgh's Mount Vernon Cemetery,  defrauded the archdiocese that runs the city's only Catholic cemetery of thousands by illegally selling forged burial deeds and also pocketed hundreds of pounds in cash after selling space that had been reserved by families for future use and in parts of the cemetery where burials were not allowed, such as footpaths and access routes.

Construction workers in China discover centuries old well-preserved corpse buried with its favorite fan

The man is thought to have died sometime during the Ming (1368 to 1644 AD) or Qing (1644 to 1912) dynasties. He was unearthed in Zhizhu village, Anhua County in China's Hunan province dressed in fine fabrics and laid to rest with his favorite fan.

 The Man Was Also Laid To Rest With His Favourite Fan Hinting Tha-A-32 1504281264695

Professional gravediggers go digging for victory
The bizarre tournament in Hungary where.... winners of the event go on to compete in an international tournament against gravediggers from Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.  Organizers said last year that they hoped the race would help increase respect and recognition for the gravedigging profession and attract more people to the job, which is under threat from the increasing popularity of cremations.

 Hungarian Gravedigger Contest

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